This GORGEOUS baby boy is Easton, and he came to see us at just 12 days new… We instantly fell in love with him after seeing that head full of thick, black hair!!! We LOVE babies with hair, and this baby boy has a ton:)I love how it sticks up all over:)He also has the prettiest olive toned skin, and pouty lips!!! Not only is he beautiful, but he was an absolute gentleman;)He didn’t make a peep all session long:)Thank you Phillip and Ashley for choosing us to photograph your little guy:)Here are my favorites from his session…




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Brayden is one of our adorable bebe’ planners who recently celebrated his first birthday!!! This session is by far the hardest, but he was amazing!!! He LOVED smashing and eating that cake, and by the end he looked like a little smurf from all the blue icing:)We love that blonde hair, and those blue eyes… Man is he handsome!!! We absolutely adore this family:)Here are my favorites from Brayden’s 1 year session…




This little miracle is Brynlee, and she came to see us when she was 2 1/2 months because she was born at only 26 weeks!!! She was under 2 pounds at birth, and was just released from the NICU a few days before the session:)She was a typical newborn even though she is a lot older than our full term babies:)She did SO good for her session, and we fell so in love with her:)She has the prettiest dark hair, and oh my goodness, those cheeks!!!! Here are just a few of my favorites of Miss Brynlee…






This handsome boy is Paxton:)We have been photographing him ever since he was in his mommy’s tummy, and throughout his first year! He has been such a joy!! He is the most outgoing, happy, and smiley baby ever, and we just love him!! He loved smashing his cake, and getting into that icing:)We have had so much fun with him, and his sweet parents!!! Here are my favorites from his 1 year session…




This gorgeous girl is Amelia, and she came to visit us at just 14 days new <3 We photographer her big sister Zoe’s first year, and we were SO excited to meet the new addition to the family!! She sure didn’t disappoint us!! She is totally gorgeous just like her big sissy, but has dark hair, which surprised us because Zoe has bleach blonde hair:)It is so funny how that happens:)Amelia was a total rock star for her session, and we got so many adorable shots of her!!! Here are a few of my favorites…